Rene L'Amour
About Rene

Rene L'Amour is London based poet, performing artist and human rights campaigner.

Poetry subjects can range from female genital mutilation to hair cut, baking chocolate carrot cake to politics and personal, family, love and sex experiences with elements of glamour and bondage.

Stand up comedy involves teenage pregnancy, anal sex (short course of massaging prostate), religion and audiences participation.

Main purpose of Rene's performances is giving the voice to unheard, vulnerable and repressed and of course shameless self promotion trough hip hop's sub version of homo hop.

RENE L AMOUR is a multidisciplinary performer and entrepreneur who combines spoken word with music, drag, rap, body art and whatever comes his way in his memorable, hugely inventive performances. Rene will preview parts of his forthcoming Edinburgh Fringe show "Me, me, me"
Rene's new book "Yes I Can: The making of me" is out now!
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Upcoming events

S.E.X Friday 18/9/15

LGBT Underground at Coronet...19/9/15

Silver bullet at Finsbury Park 1/10/15


Tel. 00447810467605